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How to Prepare for your wedding day

How to Prepare for your wedding day
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Weddings are beautiful & fun to prepare. However, it takes a lot of dreaming, nail biting, planning,
arranging, hard work to plan a perfect wedding.
So, weโ€™ve created a quick check list for all our brides, in helping you prepare for the big day, from clothes, skincare to makeup. You can print this and use it as a checklist. We also recommend to
build a vision board so that your makeup and hair and dress all tie in beautifully on the big day.


  1. Face must be washed properly. Any prior eye-makeup or residue must be removed.

  2. Have your skin cleansed, toned & Moisturized the day of the wedding, before the artist arrives.
  3. If you have any allergies to makeup products or skin conditions or concerns, please advise artist beforehand.

  4. We recommend a bridal glow facial 1 week prior to your big day. (ask us about our bridal facials).

  5. Do not try any new product, switch skincare, or do anything abrasive to your face.

  6. Do not go tanning before the wedding as this can cause ashy look with makeup.

  7. We also recommend teeth whitening 1-2 days before for those perfect photos. (ask us for details)

  8. If you are planning to get lash extensions, please discuss with your artist, as some artists prefer and advice not to do extensions if you are going to be wearing falsies on top. This can make the lashes look spidery.


  1. Hair must be washed, and blow dried the day before or morning of, Ask your stylist what they prefer.
  2. If you have silky thin hair, or thinning concerns, please advise artist so that we come prepared and equipped with products.

  3. Do not flat iron your hair. If you have baby hairs, please have them blow dried out prior, to save time. Otherwise, you must let the artist know ahead of time, so we can allot the adequate time needed.

  4. Please make sure any extensions you buy, are real and can be curled with flat iron. If extensions are new, we recommend washing them a day before, so they arenโ€™t super silky to work with.

  5. Donโ€™t color or use olaplex right before the wedding day, as this can cause the hair to become very silky and hard to manage.


  1. Please make sure the room the artists will be working on is well lit. Cleared of any clutter and noise.

  2. To ensure that we give you an exceptional experience, we advise, Pets be put away in another room (for hygienic reasons and or as some of our artists have fear of pets)

  3. Please have good lighting, extension cord ready, plugs nearby and easily accessible & open windows nearby.

  4. A high bar stool (for Makeup), and a Low Stool (for hair) with no backing. Artists are not obliged to bring in their lights or chairs. If the room has poor lighting, please advice your artist.

  5. Please have your blouse on and necklace on and ready to go.

  6. Please have veil ironed and jewelry set out and ready to go.

  7. Please make sure to try clothes n jewellery 1 week prior

  8. Please make sure you have discussed your makeup look, or a trial before the big day.

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